Villa Vellamo Resort: A Perfect Place to Relax

Villa Vellamo is a little piece of heaven located at the newest Part of Lehmonkärki Resort where tranquility, privacy and proximity to nature are pillars of a lifestyle quality.
The main design of the Resort is focused on experimental and dynamic nature of the premises. The interior design events for Villa Vellamo are as flexible as customers can be. The property space has a character and atmosphere that can change its status to easily fit different occasions such as conferences, vacations and weddings.

Lighting and wall structures are the key elements for this design diversity.
The Design Company DSign Vertti Kivi & Co whose motto is “We Create. We Deliver. We Design.” gives us the inspiration behind this project:

“Our company DSign Vertti Kivi & Co is known for paying special attention to mood creation. In Villa Vellamo Resort you find a long entrance hall that needed both light and decoration. To give a strong first impression to the space we decided to use Wall mounted Coltrane Lamps by DelightFULL which work as welcoming torches when customers walk along the hall into the festive main room.”


Lehmonkärki region has been known for centuries for its beauty near the Lake Päijänne in the city of Asikkala, Finland. This mystic and celebrated place is a mixture between the wild and the modern upscale capacity to join forces with nature. The Presidential Villa Vellamo Resort is the most brilliant junction of both worlds.

Here the design was thought out to the smallest detail where everything is boosted into the maximum to never lose the fact that nature is the inspiration for all this property and all the activities inside and outside.

These contemporary, wood-paneled Presidential Villa offers a kitchen, dining areas and living rooms, as well as flat-screen TVs and saunas. The Villa also features private beaches or piers, furnished terraces, fireplace and whirlpool bath. Everything only a 1,5-hour drive away from Helsinki.

Villa Vellamo Resort: A Perfect Place to Relax villa vellamo Villa Vellamo Resort: A Perfect Place to Relax Villa Vellamo Resort A Perfect Place to Relax 6


Source: DelightFULL

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