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Modern Kitchen with a vintage lighting design

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Here you have some incredible lighting design ideas for your kitchen. This is the place where you and your family must feel comfortable to have a big meal and have a nice conversation. So, it’s up to you turning your kitchen into a special room, and for that’s you will need a good light too. And that’s why we have created a good selection to give you a little bit of inspiration. You can find in it different kitchen looks, with a different kind of vintage lamps. Take a look!

Modern Kitchen with a vintage lighting design lighting design Modern Kitchen with a vintage lighting design Kitchen Design by Design Intervention featuring DelightFULL Lamp 2

Design by Intervention featuring Delightfull lamp: This kitchen design project was developed by Design Intervention and it includes one Brubeck suspension, a customized lighting piece by DelightFULL Studio. Be inspired by this creation.

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