Vintage is a look that refuses to date. This perennial favorite exudes romance and nostalgia and is perfect for a girlie boudoir. A beautiful wrought iron or French-style wooden bed piled high with feather pillows will set the scene. Dress the look up with ornate furniture or mix and match accessories for a more relaxed, shabby chic feel with these bedroom design ideas.

When decorating a bedroom in a vintage style, a quick and easy way to introduce pattern is to combine a variety of coordinating patterns together – like similarly colored floral in a variety of sizes – to give the space a cozy, shabby chic feel.

Different patterns can be successfully mixed in a vintage room scheme, so long as the color palette stays the same. For pure homespun charm, hunt out a cozy patchwork-style throw or quilt.

When shopping for furniture, look for special details that make the designs classic and timeless. Furniture with turned legs and decorative handles on doors and drawers all make a simple piece that little bit more special – perfect for a vintage bedroom.

In small vintage-style bedroom, the key to maximizing the space is to keep it simple without overwhelming the space in pattern or color. Paint or paper the walls in an off-white shade or delicate pattern, adding bolder color to the room through bed linen and soft furnishings, which you can change easily and as often as you like.


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