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Machine Age: Mid-Century Modern Museum in Boston

Occupying 9,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, Machine Age the largest modern collection in  New England.  The incredible selection provides limitless ideas and design resources for commercial prop rental and interior designers as well.  In addition to furniture, Machine Age also features one-of-a-kind objects d’art, lighting solutions and many original creations to furnish the most elegant home or innovative workspace.

More than a store, Machine Age will take you back in time to a museum place where you’ll find some timeless pieces.


Established in 1991 Machine Age became the ultimate destination for fine modern and contemporary furniture.  Owner Normand Mainville translates his passion for mid-century design into a vast reality of vintage pieces from Scandinavia, Italy, France and America.  Since opening its doors in 1991, Machine Age has grown into one of the most popular retail showrooms in the Northeast featuring the most eclectic, trend-setting design.

Machine Age-Normand-Mainville Normand Mainville – Owner of Machine Age


With a very strong character in every piece, Machine Age showroom presents a lot of inspirational pieces from the 20th century such as the Papa Bear Chair and Ottoman by Hans Wegner, Sculptural Table Lamp by Reggiani and much more!


This store is officialy recommended as a genuine Vintage Industrial Style!

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