Ken Fulk's Marrakech Express

Ken Fulk is a prominent San Francisco’s designer and decorator. Known for his use of vibrant colors and eye-catching accents, Fulk likes to emphasize subtle textures, richly veined stone, and objects with bold character.

Like a magician pulling a white rabbit from a top hat, Fulk is a master of surprise and his eponymous firm is no different. He’s a creative mind and his projects are the extension of that.

Go inside interior designer Ken Fulk’s mind and get to know Marrakech Express, one of his exuberant projects. This project like the reference in the name is inspired in the city and culture of Marrakech.

Ken Fulk's Marrakech Express ken fulk Ken Fulk's Marrakech Express Ken Fulks Marrakech Express 3


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This project is marked by a mix of strong colors and neutral ones and some more modern accents. Also, the mix of textures and patterns along with the different types of design really makes us want to be in that atmosphere and grows in us the will to go on a trip to the beautiful city of Marrakech.

Ken Fulk is irreverent with a touch of traditional, what gives his projects something special and unique.


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Source: Ken Fulk

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