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Fantastic vintage decor: Latin Hotel in Paris

For all the  jazz and Soul-Funk  fans, we have a special surprise for you.  Situated in the marvellous, sophisticated and chic city of Paris,  the Idol Hotel is a Beautiful four-star boutique located in the 8th district of the french capital (near the national Academy and the Opera Garnier). But it’s not only the position that turns this lodge into the most unbelievable place. Join us in this vintage decor adventure [/tps_head

f=”http://www.delightfull.eu/en/” target=”_blank”>Fantastic vintage decor: Latin Hotel in Paris  vintage decor Fantastic vintage decor:  Latin Hotel in Paris Image00001

We should thank the funkiest decorator in the french hotel industry – Julie Gauthron – for this piece of art and also for choosing DelightFULL’s lamps. The Idol Hotel is a happy melody to Black Music from the 60’s to the 80’s, and it produces the sensation of a design hotel but with something else: vibration and groove. You really should visit it!